No First Night

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The annual “First Night” celebration on New Year’s Eve has been cancelled this year – apparently, there weren’t enough volunteers to make it happen, and the lack of financial support doomed it. I didn’t attend any of the previous First Night events, but I’d wager that they were enjoyable for the folks that did attend. Planning for this year began way back in January 2005, but it looks like the momentum just didn’t last. Maybe for next year, the blogging community can take an active role in this event…?



  1. There was an article in yesterday’s Weekend Wall Street Journal about many of the nation’s First Night celebrations being cancelled this year. Last year, there were over 120 celebrations, and this year less than 100.

    The reasons listed seem to be the same as the one’s highlighted in today’s Trib article.

  2. I was very sad to hear about this. My cousin, Pat Maloney, was the president. He was interviewed by the WSJ for the article.
    It feels like one more thing that we couldn’t manage to hang on to here. very frustrating. It is a tremendous task for anyone to take on again.
    Missoula is doing one if anyone cares to drive over for it.

    (Aaron, Pat spoke very highky of you when I mentioned I had “met” you via your blog & the katrina fundraiser)

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