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Aaron has sparked a discussion about whether retail development should be encouraged over in the southeast corner of Great Falls. The concern among some is that too much building and commmerce in tha area might scuttle any plans to bring a flying mission back to Malmstrom Air Force Base (because the flight path would be directly over said area). I’m inclined to favor definite commercial development over uncertain (or even unlikely) military missions, but perhaps there is a “third way.” In the comments at Aaron’s, Mayor-elect Dona Stebbins has invited citizens to attend an Economic Summit next week (details soon), which she states will address “the very issues you have been discussing here.”
UPDATE from DONA: The Economic Summit is at 1:30 on December 13th at the UGF Theatre. I hope that I will see some of you there!



  1. (OK, I’ve lost the ‘suicyde’ thing)
    It’s funny that we lost our flying wing to Tampa where there is considerable build up around the base…why not here where we need it?
    Build, baby, build!

  2. David;

    Is it as uncertain as you imply?

    Just a few months ago, Baucus almost got a measure passed that would have started re-opening the runway.

    DHS is opening a base here in Great Falls for border protection, and that base will have a flying mission. If it grows, then the Malmstrom runway will look even more attractive.

    As the USAF continues to consolidate, moving resources to unencroached assets with superior characteristics will also be a strategic benefit.


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