It’s Official: New Record!

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The official numbers for the snow that we received last week, as reported at Weather Underground: November 2005 set a new record for most snowfall during the month for Great Falls with a total of 23.2 inches through the 28th. The old record for November snowfall was 22.1 inches set in 1955. Other snowfall statistics resulting from last weekends snowstorm…Great Falls received 16.1 inches of snow between November 26th and November 27th. This is the 2nd greatest 48 hour snowfall for Great Falls: April 19-20, 1973 – 17.3 inches; November 26-27, 2006 – 16.1 inches
The three day total snowfall set a new record for Great Falls…November 26-28, 2005: 18.1 inches; April 19-21, 1973: 17.6 inches (old record)
Here’s the bottom line:
When you look at an entire snow event…this is the biggest snow storm in Great Falls since 1892.


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