Dem Meetings

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I received an e-mail from Jason, who asked me to post news about the monthly Cascade County Democrat Central Committee meetings. The meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month at 7:00 P.M. at 1112 7th Street South (Labor Temple – map). The office phone number is 216-2805, or you can e-mail countydemo @ for more information.



  1. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH 2006, The Cascade County Democrats needs your support. Please attend a meeting or contact us to ask how you can help. “Together We Can Make America Better”!

  2. Really, Jason? How? Howard Dean doesn’t have a plan, but the Cascade County Democrats do. We’re waiting…
    ..and waiting…
    …and waiting…

  3. Jason does have a point, though. After the last ridiculous Legislative session, most noted for the incredible volume of stupid legislation from Democrats, it is time to say enough is enough–and do something about it.

    If you’re tired of “progressive” ideas bankrupting Montana, come on out to the Cascade County Republican Central Committee monthly meetings: First Tuesday of every month, at 6pm, at CCRCC Office, 1116 Central Ave (across from Zandy’s). Office hours & contact info are posted here.
    Together, we make Montana the first, best place.

  4. On the other hand if your tired of the Republican extremist views that support free child labor, low pay for women, no rights for women, low wages for the middle class,
    destruction of the social security system, bankrupting company pension plans while
    at the same time giving huge bonus to corrupt CEO’s responsible for shafting
    employees that make their companies wealthy. Other republican agendas support a strong government forcing prehistoric religious views on all Americans and a two class American system. I understand that not all Republicans see things this way but I feel the Democrats have an overall better view.

  5. SallyT, It is important that the Democrats and Republicans get along and establish a healthy work relationship. I consider myself a Conservative Democrat and have agreed with limited Republicans views in the past.

  6. Well, Jason, I don’t know how you could possibly envision Dems & Reps getting along if you believe Republicans
    “support free child labor, low pay for women, no rights for women, low wages for the middle class,
    destruction of the social security system, bankrupting company pension plans while
    at the same time giving huge bonus to corrupt CEO’s responsible for shafting
    employees that make their companies wealthy. Other republican agendas support a strong government forcing prehistoric religious views on all Americans and a two class American system.”

    And principled people would find such accusations mighty insulting, ignorant, or plain irrational. That’s the dilemma that’s increasingly obvious to me–how does one get along with irrational people who want to run my life?

    BTW, you failed to post anything specific that Democrats stand for; just the usual name-calling and vilifying of people you believe should strive to get along with you.

    *scratch head*

    Incidentally, Republicans believe in limited government, freedom of opportunity, free markets driven by individual choices. We believe families and communities are fully capable of taking care of themselves.

    If you’re really interested in finding out more, click here. I don’t want to clog up David’s blog.

  7. Family farming and ranching affects all economic activity in Montana, is an important part of our cultural heritage, and has made agriculture our state’s largest industry. It must be enhanced through public policies that make it financially possible to improve family-oriented agricultural production through fair prices, improved trade policies, value-added enterprise, market promotion, community education, availability of credit, and reasonably priced transportation. We support the sovereign status of the Indian Nations and are committed to recognizing their self-governance and self-determination to preserve their way of life within their individual tribal structures. We, as Democrats, promote recommendations to advance the socioeconomic condition of American Indians in urban areas and on Indian reservations by pledging to advocate for and support legislation, adequate funding, and policies, that will improve the educational quality and achievement, increase parity in employment, protect natural resources, and respect the government to government relationship with the State of Montana. Public education is the foundation of democracy. The Montana Constitution guarantees the quality and equity of educational opportunities for all students of our diverse cultures in Montana. A successful educational system promotes a higher quality of life for children, families, and communities while fostering employment opportunities. We are committed to keeping neighborhood and community schools open and under local control. We support the constitutional right of Montanans to a clean and healthful environment. A healthy environment and a strong economy go hand in hand. Responsible and sustainable utilization of our natural resources should be the guiding principle. Government works best when closest to the people. Recent erosion of local governments’ tax base and functions by the Republican administration and legislature must be reversed. We support a public-private partnership to promote economic growth. We will work towards comprehensive campaign finance reform. We will work to ensure that every Montanan has access to quality and affordable health care. We will protect Montanans’ right to choose their health care provider and the privacy of personal medical information. We will fully fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program, reduce the cost of prescription drugs, provide substantial tax credits to small businesses that provide health insurance to their employees, and help small businesses come together to purchase health insurance. Every human being has unique worth and must be given a fair and equal opportunity to fulfill his or her potential. We support the right to hold one’s personal beliefs without interference from those with different beliefs. We oppose restrictive legislation or governmental intervention into the private decisions of women regarding reproduction and childbirth. We must ensure all citizens are free from harassment and discrimination, and are treated equally before the law, regardless of race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, language, national origin, physical or mental ability, or marital status. We support the right to own and bear arms as defined in both the Montana and U.S. Constitutions. We recognize that hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation activities are essential components of the Montana culture. We also believe that the opportunity for Montana families to enjoy nature’s bounty is an important part of our state’s heritage. We support the public ownership of fish, wildlife, streams and rivers of our state, and believe that the state holds these resources in trust for the beneficial use of its citizens. We support the development of opportunities that assist existing businesses, attract quality employers, and address the needs of responsible businesses, both large and small. Our policies must foster a healthy and prosperous business climate and create good paying jobs, with benefits, that respect traditional Montana values. The proper role of government is to support the private choices of its citizens, protect citizens from hate crimes and violence in any form, and to provide safe communities while emphasizing personal and corporate responsibility and accountability. Early intervention, prevention and treatment at the local level are critical to success in curbing youth crime. Prisoners and correction dollars should remain in Montana Stable jobs with livable wages are the cornerstone of family values. The vast majority of Montanans make their living as wage earners, relying on fair compensation for their labor in order to sustain and build their communities, raise their families, and educate their children. All workers deserve a safe and healthy workplace, just compensation for job-related injury and unemployment benefits when they suffer loss of their job. We support the right of workers to organize, bargain collectively and strike, if necessary, without threat of permanent replacement. We oppose so-called “right-to-work” and any legislation or initiatives that would skew the political balance of power or restrict the use of union dues for political or legislative activities. Montana Democrats gratefully remember the quiet insistence of Mike Mansfield that America should treat all nations and peoples with the same dignity and respect that we expect of one another. We support democratic policies and actions that will lead to global stability and promote human equality and civil rights for all peoples of the world. We encourage the use of diplomacy as a means to improve communication and peace efforts among all nations. We seek to empower people and nations with positive efforts to improve people’s lives, including foreign aid that meets basic human needs. We seek a fair and equitable tax system that reflects and enhances our changing economy. We believe strongly that we need a comprehensive overhaul that provides tax relief for the homeowners, agriculture and small businesses that have been burdened by a decade of tax shifts. In securing our freedoms over time, Montana has had more veterans per capita than any other state. We recognize the efforts and sacrifices of veterans of all wars and conflicts and support the continuation of all benefits they were promised when they entered into service.

  8. I would like to appologize about my earlier comment about the Republican party. Most of the points were past history. We should discuss current issues. I still am in support of the Democrat party and do understand that the Republicans have some valid points themselves.

  9. Reading all of this, is there any wonder that our national debate has become polarized and discussion has become nothing more than name-calling?

    As long as political parties can get better success by shoring up their bases than by engaging the moderate middle, we will get more of the same.

    We should all think purple.

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