What The Heck?

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Driving home a little after 8:00 pm this evening along 10th Avenue, heading west, and about the time I passed the Albertson’s/Target area, I saw a huge arc of light – a flash – in the sky over the western side of town, near the airport. I thought maybe I imagined it, but then a second flash occurred. Hm. It looked almost like lightning, but I don’t recall seeing lightning in this kind of weather before. I continued on 10th Avenue, and lo & behold, there was no power from Hastings all the way down to Bison Ford! And when I got home, the kids said that the power flickered for about 15 seconds at the time that I saw the flash. Weird. Any of you folks lose power, or have flickering?



  1. I saw the “arc of light” leaving work… 8:04PM to be exact. Kinda freaked me out. Glad I wasn’t hallucinating… again.

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