Record Snowfall

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It’s official: Great Falls received at least 12 inches of snow from the Saturday/Sunday storm! There were some vehicle accidents, but it looks like most people are delighted by the “early winter,” including kids and outdoors-lovers:

Winter sports enthusiasts…licked their chops at the sight of up to 4 feet of snowfall reported at one area ski hill. And children…donned snow pants and moon boots for their first chance of the season to roll a snowman or ride a sled.”It’s just beautiful,” said Charlie Willett, an employee at Showdown Ski Area near Neihart, where the snow base was up to about 30 inches Sunday.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Anyone have pictures to share?



  1. Wasn’t there a 6 car pileup? 😛 Ah, we’re still snowing down here. I’ve got some pics up on Flickr. I’d link, but I’m lazy. LAZY.

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