Snow Storm!

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Back in October, we had our first official snow of the season; and earlier this month, we had our first snowfall that lasted more than a few minutes…but Saturday, November 26, probably qualifies as our first Snow Storm of the season! Started falling around 5:30 pm or so, and as of midnight it was still falling – woohoo! I had to drive from Fox Farm over to Murph’s (by Malmstrom) twice this evening, and those streets were SLICK. I got a few pix, mostly from the parking lot of the Sinclair station on Fox Farm. Did I already say “woohoo!”?



  1. OK, Dave, I hope you’re happy 🙂 The snow is REALLY deep, and lovely, and fluffy. I nearly lost my daughter’s white Jack Russell Terrorist this morning…up to his little ears! The Goldens had to shepherd him back to the house! LOL

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