Election Day

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Today is Election Day; you should be able to vote at one of these locations. Are you going to vote? Have you already voted? If not, is it because you are not eligible, too busy, don’t care, or some other reason? If you did vote, can you tell us who you voted for, and give a reason or two for your decision?



  1. Done did it. Voter # 4 in my precinct.
    Commissioners: Burke & Stevens
    Burke, because Lawton & company have turned our police force into a squad of insurance adjusters and tax collectors; Stevens, because he recognizes stagnation when he sees it.

    Mayor: Stebbins
    Because we need a change (and she’s got a better sense of humor than Gray)

  2. Stebbins- we need leadership without bias, she has a strong background and business reputation, states her opinion.
    Johhny R.- Has mediated several issues I am concerned with, is a real person, few strikes in his past record. Only member of the current five who stood up and said the sign code was not indorsed by the people. Is usually the guy who comes up with real facts to support the rest of commission.
    Burke- seems to have a real desire to serve, young enough to see things from a different point of view. commission needs a different perspective and I think he can add that without causing more problems.

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