I Saw The Sign

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Let’s take a break from all of this election talk for a moment and take a look at something that is (a) humourous, or (b) sad, or (c) scary. We went to the “Pops” concert at North Middle School on Thursday night to watch our younger daughter sing, and here is what we saw on the large sign in front of the school:

Thay ar gud spelurs



  1. Hoping there is a legitimate reason for something like this – Readerboard sets come with a certain number of letters and people often run out of vowels. If this was on two sides of the sign, it would take, lets see, eight E’s the way it is. Probably all they had. Please continue to make jokes though, it’s more fun!

  2. I always thought North kids were…uh…different? Naw…just kidding. đŸ™‚

    (proud east and GFHS gradeate)

  3. Firefly; Even if there were some sort of “excuse”, I don’t think it would be legitimate. If they were out of letters, they could abbreviate.

    I don’t want to sound like a crochety old man, but this sort of thing just rubs me the wrong way. Misspellings just make a person look ignorant.

    How many misspelled signs do you see driving around Great Falls? Too many. I have (politely) brought it up to people working in some of these establishments. I have never had a positive response. Invariably, the response is “who cares”, “not my job” or “spelling is not important.”

  4. Aaron-I think they did abbreviate! I know what you mean about signs though. I actually know of a house for sale where the phone number is wrong and has been for about a year.

  5. On a tangent – My son is in “speshel Edd” at the elementary school he goes to (he attends normal class sessions as well), and as such, is the exact type of child that should not be ‘left behind’ – but he tells me that he and his co-classmate are removed from the testing when the rest of the class has to take those very tests. I’m guessing that the kids that this bill were written for – well some schools know how not to skew the stats when testing time comes around.

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