They Report, They Decide?

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Yes, the Greater Falls Election Blog has been taken down; hey, it was an interesting experiment, and at least we tried; I appreciate Dona Stebbins’ involvement. Maybe for the next election, the entire field of candidates will take advantage of web-based campaigning and interacting with voters.

Originally posted September 23: Continuing with the entry below, about Mayoral candidate Dona Stebbins replying directly to a voter’s question on a blog, consider this: KQDI 1450AM is sponsoring a “Citizen’s Forum” on their website:

Here’s your chance to ask the candidates the questions YOU want answered! Newstalk1450 is sponsoring a Citizen’s Forum for the 2005 Great Falls City Elections, and we need your questions. Send us the questions you want answered — the questions that could very well decide your vote. We know you’re informed and concerned, so let us know what to ask the folks who want to lead you. We’ll take questions (via e-mail) from our listeners until Sunday, Oct 23. Then we’ll review submissions and choose three questions to submit to all candidates. The questions will be posted right here on Oct 25. The candidate responses will be posted by November 2nd.

Emphasis mine. What the heck…? Why on earth would anyone participate in this? THREE QUESTIONS, to be decided by KQDI…well, how very generous of them! Three whole questions! And then we get to wait until November 2nd to find out the answers!

Sorry. I don’t mean to sound rude, or sarcastic, but this is the year 2005, isn’t it? Dona Stebbins, in replying to Aaron’s question, demonstrated how silly the KQDI approach is. I understand that not everyone is on-line, and not everyone reads blogs, but come on…sifting through hundreds of questions and then choosing a whopping THREE questions for the candidates to answer is just laughable. Why doesn’t KQDI post all the questions right there on their site, and allow the candidates to answer right away?

Heck, maybe I’ll try my hand at organizing a Citizen’s Forum: you folks can submit any questions you want to, via e-mail (david @ or simply by leaving a comment here…and then Dona Stebbins and Randy Gray can reply directly to the questions in one of several ways: they can reply in the comments; they can e-mail their answers and I’ll post them here; they can create their own sites and post answers there; or, I would be more than happy to create accounts right here at and they can post their answers as independent entries.



  1. Hi SallyT! Thanks for stopping by – please forgive my “disdain” — as a longtime-blogger, it’s just frustrating to realize that so many people are still very limited in where and how they obtain news and information.

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  3. I appreciate your clarification &, trust me, know where you’re coming from. Newstalk1450 hoped to get a few good questions (instead of the typical Trib talking points) & perhaps post complete, unedited answers from candidates–keeping in mind that more than three questions would make prompt response difficult. Unfortunately, Great Falls again showed its characteristic apathy, so the idea died….

    I’d LOVE to see an online forum with participation of all candidates, for every election. Newstalk1450 can’t even do something that simple due to security issues (gee, for some reason hackers try to take down sites that feature conservative talkers), but maybe you could host a forum for 2006 election? (In fact, I can give you a contact in Burns’ campaign who is interested in answering questions.) If you decide to try again, let me know & Newstalk1450 will link to you.

    After all, blog discussions are far more enlightening than any of the media in town.:-)

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  5. Flefphef, Did you just seriously spam a 2 year old topic? Talk about a waste of time! Anyway since it’s here again, does anyone feel differently now, with hindsight, then they did when this was a viable topic?

  6. Wow David. You know you’re popular when you have people on your site from Russia, no less. (OK, so I’m keeping a 2-year-old thread alive)

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