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GeeGuy posted an entry about a Tribune article that I scanned during lunch…the subject is the City getting into the business of owning & operating residential street lights, which are currently handled by Northwestern Energy. This is the part of the article that really baffled me:

Owning and operating street lights appears easy enough to accomplish at first blush, but the topic can be confusing. “It’s so complicated it’s hard to even discuss it,” City Manager John Lawton said last week.

I know very little (nothing, actually) about the business of installing, operating, and/or maintaining street lights, but I find it very hard to believe that it is a topic that is so “complicated” that the City Manager finds it difficult to even discuss it.


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  1. I think he means that it may be too complicated for what he sees as the “limited thinking skills of the ordinary taxpayer.” This was the same explanation he gave me when I asked about pooling healthcare costs with the County. His arrogance is astonishing.

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