Who Do You Love?

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A very informal and un-scientific poll: who do you support in the race for Mayor of Great Falls? The two formal candidates are listed, as is the 3rd-place finisher in the September primary; they are listed alphabetically. If you select “Other/Write-In,” leave a comment and tell us who you would like to see as the Mayor.



  1. This is pretty cool, David! But I promise I won’t start to take it easy:)
    I am getting the word that Mr. Gray is going to start getting nasty. I hope it’s not true – I have done my best to run a civil campaign, based on issues and the need for change. I would hate to see him embarass himself by acting less than a gentleman.
    Have any of you seen my bus ads?

  2. I was just curious who the one “write-in” is? If a person chooses “write-in”, do they have to tell who this person is?

  3. Hey Todd! No, if someone selected “Write-In” they don’t HAVE to tell us who they plan to write-in, but I would think that the person would WANT to tell us who he/she thinks should be the next Mayor!

  4. There will be a Forum for candidates tonight at the Labor Temple. I believe Mayor Gray will be there – I certainly will. Please come if you can. It is at 7pm on 10/20.
    Hope to see you there!

  5. I have seen your ads Donna. Noticed them the other day. My personal opionion- if the Mayor gets ugly, it could help you. Undecided votes will swing to the canidate with a little class.

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