All Aboard!

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I haven’t ridden the bus here in Great Falls yet, but I plan to soon…just take a lazy Saturday, toss some change in my pocket, and ride the bus around town, trying all the routes. I like that it is called “Great Falls Transit” — it’s better than just “the bus.” 🙂 Here’s the whole map of all the routes, and you can find times for each stop here. Standard fare is 75 cents, with discounts for students, seniors, and such.



  1. I was a lucky guinea pig when the transit first came to town…I worked for my Aunt at the Down Town Business council NKA City Center Association & got to ride the buses dressed up as ET. Scared the hell out of one kid & then the bus got stuck in a snowdrift…screaming kid & all. Was great fun. Haven’t stepped on one since! LOL 😀

  2. You know, they should expand the hours…The bus comes right by my house, and I’d take it as transportation before enjoying a few cocktails downtown. May help curb drunk driving. Too bad the bus usually stops running long before I’m ready to go out.

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