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snow!Mark this day: October 4, 2005 – the first snowfall of the season here in Great Falls! I was beginning to despair, but as I was driving to the Albertson’s over on Smelter, my phone rang: it was Lynn, a co-worker who lives on Malmstrom. She teased me: “Do you know what’s happening here on base?” My mind raced, wondering if there was some sort of social event that I was supposed to attend, or perhaps one of my troops was in some sort of trouble. “Uh…no…?” I could hear her smile as she proclaimed, “It’s SNOWING!” I let out a holler, thanked her, and immediately hit River Drive and drove to the base…and sure enough, the delightful, fluffy, wonderful stuff was falling! Not lots of it, and not huge flakes, but unmistakably SNOW! I stopped in a parking lot, got out, and just stood outside for a minute or two, letting the snow hit my face, feeling the chill in my fingers, and just reveling in the seasonal joy. Hooray!



  1. Alas, Andrea, pictures weren’t happening…the snowflakes weren’t coming fast enough, they weren’t quite big enough, and my 640×480 phone-cam just wasn’t up to the task.

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