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One of the very neat things about blogging is that it allows everyone to get involved. Perfect example: Aaron posted an entry about a zoning issue in his neighborhood, and posed a question to Dona Stebbins, who is a Mayoral candidate and was involved in the zoning decision several years ago. Dona is ahead of the curve, relative to most politicians: she reads blogs, and she understands that blogs represent another avenue to stay current with issues at the truly “grassroots” level. Bottom line: Aaron posed a question for all to see, and Dona replied in kind, explaining the zoning decision and giving some background.

Aaron’s post & Dona’s replies will not be seen by the same number of citizens who read the Tribune, but it is immediate, posted for all to see, and preserved for others to read and comment on at will. Good job, Aaron & Dona!



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  2. David;

    Thanks for the kind words. I just happened to be a bit surprised by the sign when I walked by the house this morning.

    To her immense credit, Dona Stebbins entered the fray, answered my question and explained her position. This is the kind of electoral accountability we need in our local government.

    All I did was sound off on an issue that irked me, as I am wont to do. The thanks really go to Dona Stebbins for making herself available to the people in Great Falls. Such action helps the legitimacy of this kind of a forum.

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