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What’s going on in the Great Falls blogosphere? First up is Andrea, who offers an apology for ever uttering the word “jetter,” which is a term used by some Great Falls natives to refer to the airmen at Malmstrom Air Force Base. Keri is hitting the road for a mini-vacation with her kids; she better bring some pix to share with us! Ray has some thoughts on the Katrina situation, and who is to blame for the post-storm chaos. The York Street Bum attended the Blues & Brews party last week and has photographic evidence.



  1. I’ve never heard “jetters” before now, but in the last AF town I lived, you hear “floppy” quite a bit. I think it’s a reference to a hat? I never did get it.

  2. FLOPPY? Good grief, I *hope* it’s a reference to a hat! 🙂 But I’ve never heard that term before…wonder how it originated? What town was that in, Bonkrood?

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