Hop On The Bus, Gus

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If you’re looking for the school bus schedule, you can find it in the Sunday (August 21) edition of the Great Falls Tribune. Strangely enough, it’s located on page S-7 in the Sports section. I have no idea why this information isn’t available on the Tribune website, or especially on the Great Falls Public Schools website (or perhaps I didn’t look hard enough).



  1. The school district has a penchant for not updating its website. They don’t have school board agendas or minutes of the most recent Board meetings either.

  2. jeez louize! I can’t believe I have to walk an entire block to the gas station and pay an outragous price of 50 cents just to find a copy of the great falls bus schedule! ahhhhh! maybe I could just ask my dad about the schedule… he works at the bus station…. yes I think this is what I will do. good day mate!

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