By The Numbers

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Anyone else read the front-page story in the Tribune on Sunday about the increase in tourists in June 2005 compared to June 2004? Good news, indeed, but I’m puzzled. For instance: the article claims that the C.M. Russell Museum boasted an increase of more than 17% from June 2004 to June 2005…but the accompanying graphic shows a *decrease* from 6338 to 5443. Same with the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center: 14,394 visits in June 2004, and 12,547 in June 2005 – fewer visitors this year compared to last. So what is there to crow about, if the number of visitors decreased from last year? Probably a simple explanation…assuming the article and the numbers in it are accurate, then it’s likely that someone in the graphics departments simply labeled the columns incorrectly: 2004 should have been 2005, and vice-versa. Coming on the heels of the Trib’s major sports headline boo-boo, well…what can you say?


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  1. There was a retraction or correction in yesterday’s paper, stating that they flipped the numbers. As determined as the Tribune is to claim that the Signature Event was a success (rather than a fiscal fiasco) it seems a peculiar mistake on their part.

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