Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

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Um…did anyone else feel a bit of shaking at about 10:08 pm on Monday night? I was at the computer and suddenly the monitor seemed a bit jiggly — it disoriented me for a moment — then I noticed the stuff on top of the desk (router, pocket-pc, etc) kind of tremble…so I stood up, and I kind of wobbled a bit, and then the whole house kind of rumbled and gave a good shake. What the heck? Was it a mild tremor? Did something crash nearby? Weird… UPDATE: trying to access the Montana Tech earthquake site — and getting a message that the page can’t be displayed because too many people are trying to access it…hmmm…and FYI here is a brief history of earthquake activity in Montana.

UPDATE @ 10:27: Osbasso down in Helena is reporting an earthquake, too.

UPDATE @ 10:28: CONFIRMATION from KIM! — location approx 13 miles from Dillon! If you felt it, then GO HERE and fill out a USGS survey! Number of reports coming in from Helena, Livingston, Great Falls, and lots of other places. Map of areas reporting in.

Initial report is 5.6 magnitude. I hope that no one was hurt and that damage is minimal – or non-existent.

AJ Tooley felt it — but not before his nervous dog knew that something was going on! Montannie felt it, too, and so did Mike’s mother, as well as Miss-Bonkrood and Sharon.
Great Falls Tribune post about the tremor.
Official USGS statement about the earthquake. And there is plenty of information at the USGS FAQ site. And on a lighter note: look, Ma, we’ve been Farked (thx for the tip, Rita!)!
Anyone felt aftershocks…?



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