GF Blog Roundup

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What’s going on in the world of Great Falls bloggers? First I’d like to introduce you all to a couple of new-to-me blogs: Domestic Life, which is owned & operated by a young couple with two small children, and features regular podcasts; and I Have No Idea, from RayRay74. Go say hi to both of them! Keri enjoyed her vacation and is off to Idaho on a business trip; the York Street Bum has some thoughts on free speech and being offended; GGuy has moved into a new house and won’t have internet access until next week, but promises news about some “extravagance” regarding the over-hyped L&C events; AJ Tooley, in addition to challenging us to name favorite burger joints, has another chapter in his Yellowstone story up; Aaron hasn’t posted in a couple of weeks – come on back, Aaron; SanityElludesMe is off for a mini-vacation – leave her some smiley comments to enjoy when she returns! And finally, did you notice the unusual clouds over Great Falls yesterday? I’ve seen clouds like that before – in Oklahoma, but never here. Cool!



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