It’s All Greek To Me

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If you live in Great Falls, then you’ve almost certainly tried one of the delicious gyros at Little Athens (tucked away in the mall), and enjoyed the good cheer of the owners, Andreas and Aspasia Geranios. They have worked very hard for many years to make Little Athens a comfortable place to get something a little out of the ordinary, and now they are being rewarded: an all-expense paid “forced” vacation back to Greece, courtesy of their children! The kids are minding the store while Andreas and Aspasia visit relatives and friends back home — if you get a chance, stop by this week and say howdy and tell them that they are good children!



  1. Mmmm, gyros! I wish the down town version was not gone…it was run by thier brother but he became very ill a few years back. Cheers to Nick & the girls!

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