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One of the fixtures here in Great Falls is “Larry The Homeless Guy.” I don’t know if that’s his name, but that’s what everyone calls him. You can see him just about every day, pushing or pulling his large cart of belongings along 6th Street, or on Central Avenue, or sometimes across the 10th Avenue South bridge. The kids all “know” his story: he’s actually a millionaire, he’s got mental problems but won’t take his medications, he’s married with several kids, he invented an incredible device, he was a war hero, and so on. So I put it to you: do you know anything about “Larry The Homeless Guy?” UPDATE: thanks to the comment from Dona, I found a picture of Larry at the GF Trib site.



  1. His story does include he has money but chooses not to take his meds. I’ve never heard the part about war hero & stuff. LOL, Larry is his name too.

  2. “he’s actually a millionaire, he’s got mental problems but won’t take his medications, he’s married with several kids, he invented an incredible device, he was a war hero…”

    That’s strange, Larry lives in Billings also. We have a homeless fellow in Billings who has the same type of stories follow him around town also.

  3. His name is Larry Kiedrowski. I believe he is retired MANG, and stopped taking his meds following a divorce. He is a diagnosed schizophrenic, according to a Tribune story of several years ago. I don’t believe he is a millionaire, but has family that tries to assist him.

  4. dude…I want to know where he gets his sunglasses at. Those are some nice ones he was sporting before I moved. 🙂 I always called him Lodgepoll Larry

  5. We have a guy kinda like that here too, his name is Stevie and he hitches rides with people and goes around shining shoes. I guess he was in a car accident or something and suffered some head trauma.

  6. I was once told by a GFPD officer that he was retired from the military in Canada. They said that he has a financial advisor apointed by his family that keeps up with his money and that he is infact very wealthy due to the lack of spending.

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  8. Larry worked at MANG until he stopped taking his meds. He was also married and has two grown sons. His divorce occurred after he stopped taking his meds, not before. His ex wife actually babysat me when I was younger and he was a very normal person back then.

  9. im a 12yr old who was doing some research on this guy. so far all the things on “LARRY THE HOMELESS GUY” are all the things i’ve heard, even the millionair part. its sad that the harsh cops took away his cart just because he would park it in front of store and firghted people. ♥xoxo♥xoxo♥xoxo♥

  10. Saw Larry tonight at Prime Cut. We have had several inches of snow today and the temp as of 10 pm is 18 degrees. Larry was walking slow and stiff inside the restraunt, I cannot image him having to sleep outside in this weather. He does have a beautiful smile. My prayers will be with him.

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  12. Wenn einer Larry sieht – habt Respekt – Larry ist ein Graf – Nobilis – alter preussischer Adel –

    If of Larry sees – have respect – Larry is a count – Nobilis – old Prussian nobility-

  13. Kiedro’s comments are correct!!! Larry Kiedrowski most probably does not know that he orginates from nobility. His family most likely orginates from the vicinity of Kiedrow, Poland (formerly Prussia/Germany). The Kiedrowski’s were the noble family that ruled over Kiedrow. His great, great grandfather was most likely a COUNT, having his own coat of arms, wealth and power. It is unfortunate that Larry is presently homeless and it would be interesting to find out his real story and perhaps his lineage.

  14. Where is Larry – is there News about Larry? Please, looks after Larry and writes it to me.



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