Ryan Dam

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After nearly three years here, I *finally* visited Ryan Dam – and loved it. It was really beautiful, even on this very cloudy day. It was about 12 miles from Great Falls, and very easy to find. Once there, I crossed the gently-swaying bridge to the island, where there were a couple of wedding parties, and enjoyed the view of the falls, the river, the cliffs, and the island itself. I took some pix with my phone, although its 640×480 resolution is not well-suited to such splendor. I had originally planned to attend an short interpretive walk a few hundred yards up from the island, courtesy of the MT FWP service, but I was running 30 minutes late, so I just went on down to the island. While I was enjoying the view, I crossed paths with an FWP staffer named Chris Dantic; we struck up a conversation, he handed me some nifty brochures about the Dam and Falls, and it turns out that he was the one who conducts the interpretive tours — nice guy, full of information about the entire Great Falls area — thanks, Chris! I learned that when Lewis & Clark referenced the “Great Falls” of the Missouri, it was actually Ryan Falls that they were talking about. Quite a stunning location — ideal for picnics, parties, and just basking in some natural beauty.



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  3. Ryan Dam is quite possible one of the most beautiful places on earth. My parents live there. My
    dad works for PPL, and that’s who you want to call regarding a wedding out there. I’m not sure
    of the number you want to call, as I live in Connecticut now. Good luck!

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  5. You mentioned seeing a couple wedding parties – is it a nice place for a wedding? Did it take place in the picnic area or another place? Would appreciate some comments here for ideas for wedding venue. Thanks.

  6. From the PPL website:

    Ryan Dam Clubhouse Information

    Reservations must be made by e-mailing Mich Ostertag at [email protected] or by calling 406-268-2324. PPL Montana provides cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper, garbage cans and garbage bags. All we ask is that guests clean up the area before they leave.

    When I called about having my wedding there several years ago, they were booked well over a year in advance. So plan ahead! =)

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