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Somebody has some fond memories (and pictures!) of their visit to the Sip-n-Dip! The Sip-n-Dip Lounge is located in the O’Haire Motor Inn in downtown Great Falls, and back in 2003 it was ranked by GQ magazine as the “#1 Bar In the World Worth Flying To.” The primary attraction, other than the kitschy ultra-tiki-theme, is the mermaid swimming in the tank; in fact, when the most famous mermaid of modern times, Darryl Hannah, visited Great Falls, she donned a mermaid suit and jumped in, too.

According to Rhett Gadke: “The Sip n’ Dip is a force of nature. Piano Pat singing Neal Diamond, stiff cocktails, unbelievable ambience (they have bloody mermaids.) This place has more character than a hundred contrived big-city bars. You do yourself and those you love an injustice by visiting Great Falls and not partaking of its glory.” Quite an endorsement! Definitely on the “must see” list of places in Great Falls.



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  3. I was stationed there for seven years and Vern,Pat and Donny everyone else there were great. I miss the good times

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  5. I went to the Sip & Dip on Friday 8th Dec with some local friends.I have been visting Great Falls over the last year or so. Sip & Dip is an amazing place,a well kept secret, as is the locally brewed beer : Belgian White.
    Met an intersting lady there hmmm..who had an indepth knowledge of Horses….

  6. The “Dip” certainly brings back fond memories for me too! The fish bowl is so strong and huge that a group of 4 could nurse it all night. To Patrick, the beer is “Beltian White” – referring to the tiny town of Belt (Harvest Moon Brewery) next to Great Falls – but it is an awesome place!

  7. the sip and dip is possibly THE BEST place in the universe. i acquired the top secret recipe for the fish bowl one night on a cocktail napkin, but after a few rounds, the napkin was lost. if ANYONE has it, please post!

  8. Nothing like that place in UK, that’s for sure. Seeing Mermaids behind the Bar was a bit unreal, it called for a reality check and check the alcohol content of the beer… (Moose Drool).
    We stood with the Piano Pat fan Club, which was’nt out in full force, but those diehard fans really know how to do a blue rinse.

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