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Ziggy meets Rocky

A good day at the dog park on Sunday – lots of pups playing – and Ziggy met Rocky, a tiny 6-week old chihuahua!


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Pant Pant

Took Ziggy to the dog park over the weekend – little dickens wore himself out!

And check out the adorable friends he made – the German shepherd is only 7 weeks old!


Big Mouth!

Ziggy has a big mouth.

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Ziggy catches his breath after tearing it up at the dog park over the weekend!

And on the subject of the dog park…wouldn’t it be cool if there were vending machines at the park? I’m thinking machines for people, and machines for dogs.

A beverage vending machine would be great – water, tea, cola, etc. But how about a dog toy vending machine? Tennis balls, maybe some chew toys, frisbees, etc. All proceeds going to help maintain the park. Just a thought. Feasible?

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Happy Birthday Kallie!

Ziggy went to a birthday party on Saturday – his “girlfriend” Kallie turned 5 years old! Kallie enjoyed her cake and wore her party hat and tore into her presents.

Ziggy…well, he’s not much for hats, but he managed to keep his on for about 3 seconds so we could get this picture.

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Ziggy does NOT like it when kitties try to invade his territory. Got a caption?

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