RIP Zandy’s (again)

With a total of 924 “Likes” on the page, the person behind the Zandy’s Facebook page has announced that the dream is dead. In his (her?) words:

It wasn’t fake. We had been working on buying the building since they closed. The investors have given up on the idea and really didn’t take kindly to being called fake. Not enough likes for our liking stop liking Zandys as it will not be opening by us. Thanks to all who tried..

I’m as disappointed as anyone, but really…I’ve tried to be charitable and believed in the cause, but if the inability to gain 2,500 Facebook friends in two weeks – and not taking kindly to being called “fake” – is enough to dash the investor’s plans, then…it just doesn’t seem like it was a genuine effort to begin with.

I suspect the person behind the Facebook page was sincere, but maybe was being strung along a little bit by the mystery investor, or possibly misinterpreting the mystery investor’s intent or goal.

Zandy’s, continued

The Facebook campaign to bring back Zandy’s has people wondering: is it a legitimate effort?

The person behind the Facebook page posted this today: “The investers are losing intrest due to likes dropping off. Please share this page after liking us..”

Several people – including me – then said it would be helpful if we had more information about the plan, and who specifically is behind it, pointing out that it’s unlikely a bank (or investor) would pony up the cash based only on the number of Facebook “likes.”

A bit later, the person running the Zandy’s Facebook page left this comment here on GreaterFalls:

The bank really has nothing to do with it. The inestor in question will consider opening Xandys if he see’s enough people will like it. The investor in question, has little interest in including Burger Master items on the menu, and also need to see people would want that to even consider doing this. He could get a loan at the bank, he needs to know it would be worth it. Go to the page and like it and convince investors it would be worth it and some other invester may beat us to it, That’s fine, we just want it back!

While I don’t doubt that an investor would appreciate a solid showing of community support to indicate a ready customer base, that surely isn’t the driving force behind any investor’s decision – unless the Web 2.0 (or are we on 3.0 now?) bubble is just now hitting Great Falls.

Either way – the bottom line is that there are MANY people who would love to see Zandy’s (and/or Burger Master!) back in business. We just don’t want to be duped into thinking that simply clicking a “like” button will make it happen.


Zandy’s Coming Back?

It appears that someone is trying to bring Zandy’s back to life, and they’re looking for support on Facebook to help make it happen.

Someone created a Facebook page with this note: “It is closed right now. This is so a friend of mine can get the loan from the bank. I am trying to get 2500 likes. If this happens, the bank will re-consider.”

Hmmm…never heard of a bank re-considering a loan based on a business garnering a certain number of Facebook “likes,” but I’m willing to suspend my disbelief for a while.

Zandy’s has had quite an interesting few years – closed, then re-opened, then closed again. Would be awesome to see it brought back, and if a show of support on Facebook will help make it happen, I’m in.

UPDATE, Tuesday morning: after more than 10 years of blogging, I’ve finally been Farked! Howdy, Farksters. Welcome to Montana.

Here’s Fark’s take: “Before the collapse, banks based lending decisions on inadequate collateral and income. Now that they’re more responsible, they’re basing lending decisions on the number of Facebook likes potential businesses can get.” has been Farked!

RIP, Zandy’s

Farewell, Zandy’s. A true Great Falls icon, now gone. After closing down back in January, it fought back – Fred was brought on to revitalize the joint, and together with his awesome crew, put tons of sweat-equity into restoring Zandy’s, culminating in the re-birth of Zandy’s just a few weeks later.

And during Fred’s tenure, Zandy’s thrived briefly – burgers and shakes and breakfast, a cast of colorful regulars, and monthly fund-raisers for local charities.

But it just wasn’t enough. With the opening of so many new eateries in Great Falls in recent months, Zandy’s could no longer compete. And last Monday, it gave one last gasp and shut down.

RIP, Zandy’s. And Fred – thank you for doing so much to give Zandy’s one more chance. Best wishes to you, the Missus, and the whole Zandy’s crew.

Zandy's Is Closed

Big Update!

First: dining updates! No, I haven’t been to Sonic yet – cruised by several times, but with the “staging area” and 30+ minute wait times, I can wait until things settle down. That hasn’t stopped other people, though – rumor has it that a “Sonic Anonymous” group might be forming soon for the newly-addicted (and re-addicted)!
And good news: Starbucks is going to begin serving breakfast sandwiches today (Tuesday)! I sampled one the other day – basically an egg McMuffin, it was good – but since I stop at Starbucks every day for my venti iced Americano with eight shots, I can grab a bite of breakfast without having to hit McD – cool.

Second, speaking of dining: the Zandy’s lunch and dinner menus are now posted on the I Love Zandy’s site! If you haven’t stopped by Zandy’s lately and said hi to Fred and his crew – it’s about time – get on down there!

Third, congratulations to Walter Breuning!

Fourth, if you like to play the ponies, I’ve got some cool news: I scored about 20 free tickets to the Montana State Fair, courtesy of the good folks at Montana Downs! If you would like a pair (good for free Fair admission on the day of the races, July 24, 25, 26), leave me a comment telling me what you like about horse racing (or e-mail me at david @!

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