Snow Angel

One of the wackiest (and I mean that in a good sense) regular commenters on the KRTV Facebook page is Ryan. Ryan cracks me up.

He is also a good guy – he and some of his buddies spent time during last week’s snow storm driving around town, hopping out of their Jeep, and helping folks shovel their sidewalks and driveways.

And then he did this, just to brighten the day of an Air Force gal named Jill who is stationed overseas right now and posted on KRTV’s FB page: “I am deployed right now and could really use some fun pics of the snow…I LOVE it…Please be safe driving but have a blast building snowmen, snow angels and snowball fights…Enjoy it for me…”

Ryan saw that and took action:

Well done, Ryan. Thanks.

Click here for a little more to the story.


My buddy Mike hard at work – tracking the big storm that’s headed toward Great Falls!

Mike is pretty much just awesome – and is as passionate about meteorology as I am about news.

Several inches of snow – maybe a foot? – and our first single-digit (or sub-zero!) temps of the season, and gusty winds.

Brace yourself.

And about that winter storm – details here, or click the pic below.

Snowless So Far

Amy at Backyard Bounty is enjoying our very mild and nearly snow-less December:

I’m almost afraid of saying it out loud, but I LOVE having no snow on the ground…I’m thoroughly enjoying the mild conditions and lack of snow (it’s staying in the mountains, which is where we need it).

Sigh. I understand the sentiment, sort of, and can definitely appreciate the driving safety of a snowless December…but it sure doesn’t feel very “holiday-ish” yet. No serious snow yet this season, and here it is just 9 days until Christmas – and the odds of any snow falling before Christmas are looking pretty darn slim.

Snowy Surprise!

We’ve gone through about four or five “winter weather advisories” over the last month, and they’ve all turned out to be busts (at least here in Great Falls) – but this one really came true! Started on Thursday night around 11 pm, when the rain turned to snow – very wet, very heavy snow. By the time it stopped mid-morning on Friday, it was nearly 12 inches. Not to worry – by the afternoon, the roads were almost completely clear, and the weekend is going to be much warmer.

(ps – neat photo gallery over at

And for anybody who is surprised or shocked or horrified that we could get a lot of snow in late April: hey, it happened last year, it happened the year before that, etc. We’ll have another two or three big “dumps” like this before Spring is over.

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