“The Verizon District”

We have the “Mattress District” on 10th Avenue South at 9th Street, much to the dismay of mattress-haters and people who seem to forget that not too long ago, there were THREE video-rental stores in that area (Hastings, Blockbuster, Hollywood). Now it looks like we can refer to a stretch of 3rd Street NW as the “Verizon District.” Once this becomes operational, we will have not one, not two, but THREE VZW stores within about…

Big Red

Ouch – Verizon service was mostly out overnight – no voice calls, no text messages. Not even 911 service was working, apparently. Kind of scary, for people like me who don’t have a landline and rely solely on wireless for communication with – for instance – our family. LOTS of comments on the KRTV FB page. But even though the voice/text service was out, the internet service worked fine – thank goodness!

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