“The Verizon District”

We have the “Mattress District” on 10th Avenue South at 9th Street, much to the dismay of mattress-haters and people who seem to forget that not too long ago, there were THREE video-rental stores in that area (Hastings, Blockbuster, Hollywood).

Now it looks like we can refer to a stretch of 3rd Street NW as the “Verizon District.”

Once this becomes operational, we will have not one, not two, but THREE VZW stores within about one mile. All three are authorized retailers – the only corporate VZW store in Great Falls is on 10th Avenue South near 23rd Street.

The one seen below is part of the new City Brew building. There’s another store in the small plaza where Little Caesar’s Pizza and Great Clips are…and the third is the large, red-lit building where the J Bar T used to be. The large red-lit one looks pretty fancy on the outside – when it was being built, I (mistakenly) thought that it would be the new HQ for a VZW corporate store.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining! You know that I am a very, very loyal “Big Red” customer. It just never occurred to me that there was such a demand for VZW stores within such a relatively small area.

The new one by City Brew will be a “Wireless Connection” store, and as of a few weeks ago, they were hiring:

4G Has Landed

Sweeeeeeeeet. Looks like Verizon has finally flipped the switch on 4G service in Great Falls!

Began picking up the 4G signal while picking up Pizza Baron downtown a few hours ago, and it stayed with me all the way home to Riverview/Skyline area.

Also heard from folks on the east side of town near Malmstrom reporting the same.

4G service in Great Fall

Still a bit peeved that Helena got 4G before us…*grumble*…but whatevs, we’re good now!

Big Red

Ouch – Verizon service was mostly out overnight – no voice calls, no text messages. Not even 911 service was working, apparently. Kind of scary, for people like me who don’t have a landline and rely solely on wireless for communication with – for instance – our family. LOTS of comments on the KRTV FB page. But even though the voice/text service was out, the internet service worked fine – thank goodness!

Droid X Arrives

When the first Droid hit the market several months ago, I drooled a bit, kicked the tires, but ultimately was a bit disappointed – it was too bulky, and the keyboard and touch-screen just weren’t quite right. But I gave the new Droid X a test drive last week, and was WAY impressed. And although I still have a few months until I’m eligible for an upgrade to my beloved Blackberry, my lovely fiancee was not similarly constrained. After some impressive demonstrations from Stacie at the Verizon store on 10th, she was hooked. Her new toy arrived a few hours ago, and she is happily tapping and swyping away, learning all of the Droid X secrets. Sweet. BONUS: she had to switch from Alltel to Verizon, so we are now officially a VZW family!

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