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“Our Media Has Failed Us”

Wow. This is one of those “What the heck?” comments that just absolutely baffle me.

This person posted on the KRTV Facebook page:

Why is it that these days elections are seemingly kept quiet until the election has passed.We should be hearing from those that wish to govern US for weeks beforehand.This way WE can make A good and productive vote. I did not even know we had an election and I am disabled and watch TV all day long???These elections are as shady as the people in them. The only way to have an effective election is to have EVERYONE know the FACTS. OUR MEDIA HAS FAILED US once again.I guess WE are to only know the results of elections NOT the CONTENT nor INTENT. This is sad because there are 2 News stations in town. Ch 3 KRTV Great Falls and Ch 5 news.

Where to begin?

Well, first of all: dude, you’re ON FACEBOOK, which means that you have the ability to visit the websites of KRTV, the Great Falls Tribune, and KFBB, and read the many articles about the primary election and the candidates. You also have the ability to visit the Facebook pages of the news outlets AND the candidates that have profiles pages. You also have the ability to visit the websites of any candidates that have such.

Second of all: ALL media outlets in Great Falls have run articles over the last few months about the election. KRTV has aired several stories, the Trib has published several articles — including candidate profiles, and all of the information was posted online, too.

In addition, the City of Great Falls website has posted information about the election.

And this bit: “I did not even know we had an election and I…watch TV all day long???” Um…what were you watching?

If you think “OUR MEDIA HAS FAILED US once again,” you are just plain wrong. YOU have failed to pay attention.

For instance: KRTV aired and posted an article on July 1st stating that the filing deadline for the election was approaching. Last week, KRTV aired and posted an article telling people that there was just one week left until the primary election.


And here’s a screenshot of the Trib site showing some of the results for “candidate profile” search; the Trib did a good job with the profiles. Granted, the Trib hides stuff behind a paywall, but if the election is so important to Keith, then ponying up a few bucks for access shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. There is also the option of actually buying a dead-tree newspaper; I’ve heard that you can even have it delivered right to your front door.


“Man Found In Missouri Identified”

Sadly, yet another body was pulled from the Missouri River in Cascade County this week – that makes three.

But from the Department of Bad Headlines comes this from the Trib: “Man Found In Missouri Identified.” That headline makes it sound like there was some guy wandering around the state of Missouri, possibly suffering from amnesia, who was finally identified by family members after seeing his photo on the local news.

Heck, even KFBB managed to do better with its headline: Officials Identify Body in the Missouri River,” remembering to include the word “river.”

But to the Trib’s credit — they were the first Great Falls media outlet to post video about the body being found, including a soundbite from the woman who found the body; good work by Kristen Cates. Of course, it’s hidden behind a paywall, but still – good hustle by Kristen.


Street or Avenue?

From the Department of Bad Headlines (which also happens to illustrate my rant about “Fourth of July vs. Independence Day”) comes this from the Trib:


This year’s Independence Day fires were relatively few and minor, thankfully…and unlike last year, Hill 57 didn’t erupt into a bonfire.

Here’s a shot of DaVonte and Cody, burning the midnight oil at KRTV after returning from the fire on Gore Hill…Cody just joined the team a few weeks ago, and DaVonte literally started yesterday – they’re off to a great start!

DaVonte McKenith and Cody Proctor at KRTV

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