Jukebox at Tracy’s

Fred Pfeiffer, in addition to being a weather forecaster, also did some reporting – here’s a memory he shared on Youtube featuring the jukebox(es) at Tracy’s in downtown Great Falls.


Some film-makers from Amsterdam, Rogier and Rob – and their NYC partner Ben, – have been visiting Great Falls this week. They initially set out to visit many of the towns in America named Amsterdam, but have since broadened their scope a bit. They stopped in Great Falls for several days and did some interviews with a few locals, shot some footage of a Lewis & Clark re-enactment, and some other picturesque stuff. On Friday…

Tracy’s: Always Open?

Looking for a bite to eat this evening…driving downtown…and naturally thought of Tracy’s. Parked near the curb, got out, walked to the door, reached out, pulled on the handle…and it was locked. Wait a minute, what was that? The door is locked at Tracy’s? Tracy’s is closed?!

Breakfast Choices

Got an e-mail from Brenda, a Great Falls native who now lives in a big city and is back in town for a visit; she asked about breakfast spots. Here are some of my recommendations: “Greasy-spoon” – but delicious and inexpensive – is the Double Barrel Café at 1220 Central Avenue West. Awesome breakfast at the Missouri River Diner, located at 9th Street Bridge on River Road; MONSTER-size pancakes and excellent bacon! Tracy’s diner downtown…

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