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Bobcat vs. Grizzly Bear: The Bloodening

AJ – he of the most-awesomest graphics skillz – created a fun pic to celebrate the upcoming Cat/Griz football game.

He noted: “While my loyalties are not particularly sharp, having attended both schools, I couldn’t resist adding some fuel to the fire.”

You all know that I’m not a football fan, so the annual game is a snoozer for me, but I do kind of enjoy the passionate rivalry and good-natured jokes that are passed around.

Although I will admit – if a gun was held to my head and I was forced to cheer for one or the other, I would have to pick the MSU Bobcats because: my wife is an MSU alum; I like Bozeman more than I like Missoula; and reasons.

Anyway: here is AJ’s pic, which I love…now let’s count down the number of days it takes the SyFy channel to turn this into a Saturday night movie. And yes, the title of this post is my proposal for the title of the movie.


And in light of my recent doge obsession…I just had to:

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Crosstown Game

CMR-GFH Crosstown Game It’s that time again: the big CMR-GFH crosstown football game coming up this Friday! If my math is correct, the Rustlers lead the series 29 to 19, but the Bison have won the last three. So CMR has the overall advantage, but GFH has momentum, but CMR has a better record this season…so who knows? The bottom line is that it should be a fun game – especially since it falls on Halloween, and I suspect (hope) that many fans will be dressed up in costume to make the game a really memorable event.

And there’s a poll over at KRTV.com asking folks to vote for who they think will win. But it’s not just a CMR/GFH poll – you get to vote for WHY you think your team will win – better team, more spirit, or “history” factors!

Weekend Fun!

Our newly-named (and themed) minor-league baseball team, the Great Falls Voyagers, are throwing a party tomorrow, and you’re invited:

The newly-named Great Falls Voyagers will kick off their 2008 season with a party on June 14th from 1:00 until 5:00 at Centene Stadium. There will be free hot dogs and Pepsi. 2008 Voyagers players will be on hand to sign autographs and pictures; the party will also feature lots of fun activities for children of all ages.

Sounds like a good time – best wishes to the Voyagers! Continue reading

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Kickin’ Assphault

Got a nice e-mail from Syd asking me to promote the “Kickin’ Assphault” running event that is coming up in June: Continue reading

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