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Sip-n-Dip Review

I absolutely love that the Sip-n-Dip attracts so many visitors to our wonderful community, and every now and then, a review from a tourist will pop up on my radar.

Sip-N-Dip in Great Falls

Gwendolyn visited in 2012 and wrote up a nice review of the Sip-n-Dip and a few other places in town, and she topped it off with some nice pictures.

Not surprisingly, she was less than impressed with the exterior of the admittedly bland looking O’Haire Motor Inn: Any expectations I have are challenged as we get out of the taxi at the O’Haire Motor Inn on a rooftop parking lot in front of a non-descript door, surrounded by a handful of smokers.

But things worked out just fine, as they usually do at the Sip-n-Dip!

Which reminds me – someone named David Lemon posted this nifty video to YouTube:

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The Wedding Post

I just changed my Facebook profile pic for the first time in about four years, and it occurred to me that some folks might like to see where it came from:


It’s part of a fancy wedding certificate that our super-awesomely talented friends Jason and Kelly created for our happy day just over a year ago! That’s right – if you hadn’t heard – Krista and I finally tied the knot on March 30, 2013!

Not a huge event – just about 20 people – family and very close friends (who were AWESOME – thank you so much Kim, Andrea, Scot, Dan, Shonna, Ryan, Nicki, and everyone else!).

And it was a Great Falls wedding all the way: yummy cake from Crooked Tree, fabulous flowers from Keri and her My Viola crew, and of course we had the ceremony and party in room right to the Sip-n-Dip at the O’Haire Motor Inn – and yes, the legendary Piano Pat even signed our wedding book!

Piano Pat signs our wedding book!

And you might not believe it – but our wedding rings actually have the latitude/longitude of Great Falls on them (along with BOY + GIRL = LOVES on the inside).


And last weekend we celebrated our 1-year anniversary! We did it by dining out pretty much non-stop — on Friday night we ate a delish din at the Moonshine Grill – love that they have crayons!


Saturday night was an INCREDIBLE meal at the Beef-n-Bone, which I’ll save for the next post.

Don’t Forget The Mermaids!

Buzzfeed has published one of its loved/hated listicles – this one is called “31 Reasons You’re Proud To Be From Montana.”

There are some good reasons listed, including:

1. You’re super proud to be from Montana, because you feel like you’re in on this special secret that Montana is completely gorgeous.
7. Montana Yogo Sapphires might be in the crown jewels of England and may or may not be the gemstone in Kate Middleton’s ring. That means you’re basically royalty.
18. Montana’s motto, “Oro y plata,” is Spanish for “gold and silver” and was chosen because of Montana’s abundant mineral wealth.
27. Montana has some of the most enchanting nicknames, including “Big Sky Country,” “The Treasure State,” “Land of the Shining Mountains” and “The Last Best Place.”

At #19 on the list is Great Falls’ very own tiny river: “Montana has the shortest river in the world. Guinness World Records named Roe River the shortest on the planet, which officially makes Montana the cutest state ever when it comes to bodies of water.”

Great -but how can anyone publish a “best of” list about Montana and forget to include the MERMAIDS from the legendary Sip-n-Dip Lounge? You know – the awesomest bar/lounge on Planet Earth, according to GF magazine? Sure, that honor was bestowed about a decade ago, but it is STILL true. And if not the lounge itself, and if not for the mermaids, then surely the Buzzfeed list should include Piano Pat!


Piano Pat Parade!

Piano Pat! Great Falls has some fun parades – the homecoming parades for the high schools, the Pet & Doll parade, Independence Day, etc. But how about if we throw a parade to celebrate some of the people who have made Great Falls so darn great?

I submit for your consideration that Great Falls should have parade to celebrate Piano Pat, legendary entertainer at the Sip-n-Dip Lounge!

Seriously. Name one person who has done more than Piano Pat to bring tourists and money to Great Falls over the last several decades, other than Charlie Russell.

Ron White: Mermaid

Apparently when comedian Ron White visited Great Falls recently, he stopped by our legendary Sip-n-Dip – and even took a dip himself!

Also a smaller video posted on the Sip-n-Dip Facebook page!

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Great Falls FTW!

I just love it when Great Falls gets recognized for having unique or special businesses – and last week The Living Room was the ONLY salon in Montana to be included in Elle magazine’s “Top 100″ in the nation – kudos to Jolie!

Other “best of” lists that Great Falls has scored in recent years: the Haystack breakfast at Goode’s was named the “Best Breakfast In Montana” by The Food Network magazine – and man, they couldn’t have been more right! It has long been my absolute favorite breakfast…the sausage gravy is out of this world.

And back in ’09, Ford’s Drive In was listed as having the “best burger in Montana” by The Food Network, and of course we all know about the legendary Sip-n-Dip scoring the title of “Best Bar In The World Worth Flying To” by GQ magazine.

UPDATE: Oops! My apologies to the gang at the Downtown Doghouse – they earned a spot on the SF Weekly list of “Top Ten Gourmet Hot Dogs” for their Fly’n Hawaiian dog!

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