Kihn Time!

A few years ago, I posted this retro photo of Sutherland’s Jewelry from a Great Falls 75th birthday promotion.

Sutherland's Jewelry Ad

Then in 2011 I heard some radio ads for Sutherland’s featuring 80s rocker Greg Kihn.

Now, thanks to Great Falls native and all-around awesome guy Larry Eschenbacher, here is a brief audio clip of Kihn talking about his visit to Great Falls:

ALSO: my lovely bride just informed me that her very first “go alone with no parents” concert was – yep – Greg Kihn at the Civic Center in March of ’83!

(PS – this also will help answer Sean’s question)

Retro Photo

Got an email from Tim H. who noticed this retro photo over at (always cool stuff to see there!) and said: “It would be interesting to see if any of your readers recognize the car or houses.”

Indeed it would. The photo caption reads:

“Great Falls, Montana. Return after 3 wks Vacation. June 27, 1964.” This Kodachrome is from a box of vacation slides I found on eBay. Originally posted 6-11-2007, and ready again for its moment in the sun.”

Photo from

(click photo for larger view at; also – more MT pix at Shorpy right here)

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