The Local Dish

This is good: a Great Falls blogger is offering up The Local Dish! Here’s her intro:

The city of Great Falls has a multitude of restaurants to choose from, offering a wide variety of options depending on the dining experience you seek…this blog will only feature the locally-owned restaurants of Great Falls. Each week, one local restaurant will be featured and reviewed, with the intent that the next time “where do you want to eat?” is proposed, a locally-owned business will be supported.

She’s off to a great start, with reviews of Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill (my favorite!), Rikki’s Pizza & Pasta, Dante’s, and more. Go say hi!

Chow Time!

Holy cow – it struck me today that we’ve got an awful lot of eateries opening up or on the way here in Great Falls!
First, the new On The Border restaurant opened up today, taking the place of Tony Roma’s in the Marketplace. Seems to me that it’s a bit cannibalistic, being so close to Chili’s, but I’ll give it a shot. Heard good things about it.
Second, there’s a new place that opened last week in the building that used to be Big Sky Bagel — it’s a sushi/Thai restaurant with the word “Suki” in it. Not a fan of either – but I will venture forth like a good fiance since my gal loves loves loves Thai food!
Third, they finally broke ground of the new & improved Golden Corral, also in the Marketplace. For those new to the story, the old Golden Corral burned down back in October. Should be ready to open in September.
Fourth, it looks like the Salad Creations is on the verge of opening – signs are up at the intersection of 10th Avenue South at 9th Street. More to my vegetarian-daughter’s liking, but I’ll stop by to see if they have anything for carnivores 🙂
Salad Creations
And finally, it looks like there will be TWO hot dog eateries competing for our food dollars: Stinky’s is now open in the casino at 10th Avenue South at 25th Street, and the Downtown Dog House on 5th Street off of Central Avenue is getting close to opening, I think.
Whew! We’ve already got plenty of great places to eat – can we handle even more choices?!

Eat/Drink Great Falls

Ladies and gentlemen, behold: another Great Falls blogger has taken to the virtual airwaves! The name is Epicuria, and the blog is Eat/Drink Great Falls. True to the name, the initial posts offer insight and opinion into some eateries: Ryan’s Station, the Sting, and even State Fair offerings. Can’t wait to get Epicuria’s take on Taco Treat!
You know the drill: go visit Eat/Drink Great Falls and welcome Epicuria to our little corner of the blogosphere! And don’t forget to check out all of the other cool Great Falls blogs!

Burger Master: Last Hurrah

Burger Master Shuts Down I know that I said earlier that I wasn’t crazy about Burger Master, but even I can recognize a true classic. Especially when my girlfriend says that we HAVE to go grab some Flying Cheeseburgers before it’s too late. So off we go to Burger Master on 10th Avenue South last night. The iconic Burger Master sign read simply, “Thank You.” As expected, the drive-thru was long. LONG. When we arrived at 7:17 pm, there were 27 cars in the drive-thru lane. We took our place and settled in for a long wait… Read more

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