Smoked BBQ

They’ve been open for several months, but I finally got to try Smoked BBQ for the first time today. It’s located at 203 2nd Avenue North, where the Pizza Baron used to be. It’s a small but cozy, fun place. I’ve heard lots of people rave about it, and now I know why. The brisket was amazing – tenderest, juiciest brisket I have ever had. The mac-and-cheese was awesome, too. Best BBQ in town? I…

The Big Stack

A tasty meal at Borrie’s in Black Eagle! And check out this awesome semi-new piece of art on the wall: Created by Jason Garneau of After Image Metal Art: And he was featured on a KRTV “Montana Made” segment a few months ago:

Farewell, Bert & Ernie’s

Bert & Ernie’s restaurant, a fixture in downtown Great Falls for decades, has closed. The restaurant is located at 1st Avenue South and 3rd Street. Running a restaurant is HARD, and I salute Janet (and her predecessors) for making it work for so, so many years. We enjoyed eating there, both as a couple and with friends. I hope someone can come along and revive that spot (as long as it’s not Olive Garden or…


Is there anything better than a drive out to the Highwood Bar on a Friday night for a juicy, delicious ribeye steak? I absolutely LOVE the 30-minute drive out there — rolling hills, winding road, Highwood Mountains leading the way. And the steak. OMG, the steak. I am still amazed that SO MANY people in Great Falls don’t know about and/or have never been here for Friday steak night. And although the steak is the…

The “Bone” Squirrel

We enjoy heading down to Ulm periodically to enjoy a dinner at the Beef N Bone Steakhouse – arguably the best steak in Cascade County. My choice is almost always the TOMAHAWK — a 36 to 48-ounce ribeye (bone-in) that is basically perfect. Once I have devoured most (or sometimes all!) of the meat, the huge bone then comes home where it becomes a chew-toy for Ziggy. He gnaws on it in the living room,…

2K’s Cafe

2K's Cafe

I finally – FINALLY! – made it to 2K’s, and it was wonderful. Friendly staff, HUGE burger, and delicious fresh fries. Ooh, and home-made pies!!! The only downside is that it is only open Monday-Friday until 2pm. I totally understand not being open longer, or on weekends (small biz ppl work their butts off!), but I would love to be able to zip down there on a Saturday 🙂

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