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It’s been several months since I’ve heard anything but static on KEIN (1310 AM) – no more “Music Of Your Life,” no Frank Sinatra, no Peggy Lee, no Mel Torme, no Glenn Miller, no Steve and Eydie. KEIN has been off the air before, but I’ve got a strange feeling it ain’t coming back this time. Very sad.

But there is something new on the Great Falls airwaves – Yellowstone Public Radio. They started broadcasting on 89.5 FM a few days ago. I was afraid that it would be simply a copy of our existing MT Public Radio station (89.9 FM), but there are differences – some programs are the same, but there are different ones, too, and the ones that are the same (Performance Today, for instance) airs at different times on the two stations.

So. Having YPR doesn’t quite make up for losing KEIN, but it’s still pretty cool.

KEIN is back! (again)

After weeks of hearing nothing but static, I was pleasantly surprised to hear KEIN back on the air this morning! 1310 on your AM dial. Don’t know why they were off the air – maybe another dispute – it’s good to be able to listen to the classics again.

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Voices Of Montana in GF

Aaron Flint hosted his weekday “Voices Of Montana” radio program from The Daily Grind in downtown Great Falls today – very cool. Among his guests were Ed Buttrey, who talked about UAVs/drones, and James Parker Shield, who talked about the possibility of a tourist center on Hill 57.

Aaron Flint in Great Falls

Aaron’s show airs M-F on AM 1450 KQDI in Great Falls. Good stuff.


I listen to a lot of radio as I’m driving around town – flipping between KEIN for some classic tunes (Sinatra!), some NPR and 102.7 for news, 92.9 and 93.7 for rock and pop…and plenty of 1400 for talk radio. Lots of the talkers frequently push the “Income At Home” website, and I always figured it was some sort of referral website that would connect people with work-at-home prospects based on interests and abilities.

I was pretty sure it wasn’t a guaranteed “money maker,” but figured it at least would list different ways to make money working from home – operating a website to sell crafts or art, or setting up a niche blog with ads, etc.

Nope. I went to the IncomeAtHome.com site recently, and it turns out that it’s…Herbalife. Yep – the “Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How!” company. At the bottom of one the click-thru pages after you enter your email address, there’s this little print:

* By entering your email address, you are agreeing to the terms of our privacy policy. Business Opportunity presented is an online method of operating an Herbalife International® independent distributorship.

So if you’ve ever been tempted to try the “IncomeAtHome” site, that’s the bottom line: Herbalife.

Grassroots Gold

Another radio change in Great Falls: looks like “Grassroots Gold” is now airing on KINX at 102.7. Or at least, it is today – don’t know if it’s a permanent change or a one-time deal.

If you’re not familiar with Grassroots Gold: it’s a two-hour show hosted by Dave Wilson and Jim Lynn, and they play “classic” country music – also known as retro-country, Western swing, etc. They also provide lots of fun facts and anecdotes about the musicians, the songs, the writers, etc. Good stuff.

Until I moved to Great Falls, I didn’t much care for country music of any kind. I went through a very brief spell in the late 80s/early 90s of enjoying Dwight Yoakum and George Strait, but that was the extent of it.

But shortly after arriving here, I heard a song called “Wolverton Mountain” on the radio, and something about it struck me. Since then, I’ve really enjoyed learning more about that type of music, and I’ve also learned that there really was a Clifton Clowers, by the way.

You can also catch the program online at Northern Broadcasting.

KINX Update

OK, today is the first day of the new 102.7 (KINX FM) – and so far it seems OK. I had thought that it was going to be ALL news and talk, but after listening for a while this morning and then this afternoon, it looks like they are keeping some of the SAM-inspired eclectic music, too.

Between about 7:45 and 8:30 this morning, it was indeed all news – some local and regional stuff (including a hat tip to KRTV.com – thanks!), plenty of weather spots, some ag and rodeo news, and national updates. Nice.

But this afternoon I tuned in, and it was back to music – and I heard Wang Chung, David Bowie, and some present-day stuff.

So it looks like it will be the best of both worlds – news AND music. So far, so good. If you’ve tuned it, let me know what you think.

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