CMR Grad is Miss Montana 2008

Jennifer Hepner, Miss Montana 2008 We have a new Miss Montana: Jennifer Hepner, a graduate of CMR high school and now a student at UM in Missoula, was crowned Saturday night! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Miss Hepner; she’s a good kid. She’s an Air Force brat (hooray!) and worked summers at the Malmstrom clinic several years ago.
She’s also a pageant pro: she represented Great Falls at the 2007 pageant and the 2006 pageant. Congrats on winning the title, Jennifer – you’ll represent Montana (and Great Falls!) well!

More Miss Montana: Miss Montana 2007; Miss Montana 2006; and Miss Montana 2005.

Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, we appreciate all of the things that dear ol’ dad has done for us: life lessons, wisdom, trips together, hunting, shared jokes, and such. So a hearty “thanks!” to all the dads out there – including mine, of course. But this is a blog about Great Falls, so let’s take a moment to remember the man who is, after all, the “Father Of Great Falls” — Paris Gibson. He’s not just some guy that we named a museum and a school for…he really did create our fair community. Here’s a quick sketch of Gibon’s life: Read more

Around the Great Falls ‘Sphere

GF Girl posts about the proposed start date for the coal plant, and also the recent activity – or lack thereof – of Electric City Power.
Dave offers a traffic suggestion, to which I add: how about a left-turn light at 23rd Street & 10th Ave South? He also tells us about an odd theft.
Great Falls Scanner offers up some humorous tips for dealing with “tailgaters.”
Newly-promoted Shannon attended the Obama rally with some friends, and received some VIP treatment. Why? She offers one possible reason.
And while Todd and Kelly celebrate the graduation of one son, they need your help naming their soon-to-be son!

Sip-n-Dip 101

This is awesome: Jack Velvet, a hipster from Vancouver, drove all the way to Great Falls just to experience our world-famous Sip-n-Dip, and his blog entry about the trip includes a nifty 9-minute video that serves as sort of a “Sip-n-Dip 101” that includes the legendary Piano Pat, some mermaids, and the ritual consumption of a fishbowl.
And Jack’s better half, Miss Pinky, also documented their trip to Great Falls and has a bunch of pictures to share.
Overall, they did a great job of capturing some of the retro elements of our community that make it so cool. Thanks for visiting, Jack & Miss Pinky!

Obama Volunteers

A resident of Great Falls who supports Barack Obama got the chance to meet her candidate by knocking on lots of doors:

vickiobama.jpgVicki, a former teacher from Great Falls, is a lifelong Republican who is supporting Barack for President. She admires Barack becase she says, “he’s a thinking person,” and she and her husband, a retired military officer, both voted for Barack by absentee ballot…Vicki was one of the ten winners of the “Montana Change Challenge,” and after knocking on over 100 doors last Saturday, she was able to meet Barack after his rally in Bozeman. She said that the event in Bozeman was “electrifying,” and that Barack’s charisma “reminds me of JFK.”

And another Great Falls resident who supports Obama is Dee:

deeobama.jpgDee is a native of Great Falls, Montana who works with juvenile offenders and has a son with a disability. She grew up in a military family and has a nephew who served in Afghanistan. Dee phonebanks in our Great Falls office and recruits volunteers to help spread the word about Barack. She shares her feelings about Barack and sets the record straight about false attacks against him.

Although I’m not an Obama supporter, I do admire his “netroots” campaign; definitely seems to be more on the ball than John McCain’s.

the LA Times notes that McCain has a “web gap.”

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