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Weekend News

Busy news weekend – Tara Grimes, Lindsey Gordon, and the rest of the team hustled their butts off to cover news – car in Hauser Lake, rollover in Stockett, gun rally in Helena, stabbing in Fort Benton – and they didn’t just phone it in, they were actually on the scene. So proud to work with this crew!

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News Time!

I love flipping through old magazines – from the 40s, 50s, 60s, especially. So much retro-goodness! Stumbled across this gem recently, circa 1968. It’s always time for news!

News Time!

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HD Bird

Via Mediaite and TV Spy comes this snippet, which points out that watching TV in high-def is…um…different than watching it in standard-def:

Through With It

Oops. From today’s Great Falls Tribune editorial. Sometimes the wrong word slips through, even in an editorial.

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