Montana’s Birthday!

Reminded by Michelle that today is Montana’s birthday!

The Montana Historical Society says: “Between 1880 and 1890, the population of Montana grew from about 39,000 to nearly 143,000. The people of Montana first asked for statehood in 1884, but they had to wait five years. Finally, Montana was admitted to the United States as the 41st state on November 8, 1889. Joseph K. Toole of Helena became the first governor of the state.”

She also provided a link to this amazing video:

Jack Horner and “T-Rex” Thomas

The Bozeman Magpie reports that Jack Horner – arguably the most famous paleontologist in the world – recently took a bride: Vanessa Shiann Weaver, 19, of Ohio.

And speaking of Horner…here’s a neat story from a few years ago, when I was still serving at Malmstrom Air Force Base.

The Wing Commander at the time was Colonel Everett Thomas (now a 2-star general); like most high-ranking leaders, he had a nickname – “T-Rex.”

When it came time for Col Thomas to transfer to another base, each of the organizations on base, as is custom, came up with neat little gifts to wish him well. Such gifts are often “location”-specific, to remind the departing person of their time in that assignment.

As the “exec officer” of the Medical Group, I was tasked with trying to come up with something unique to present to Col Thomas on behalf of the medics. I figured it might be cool to get him something T-Rex and Montana related, so I emailed the folks at the Museum Of The Rockies, explained that our base commander was awesome, etc, and would they possibly be able to send me a T-Rex book from Dr. Horner, possibly even autographed? I offered to pay whatever they deemed appropriate. I hit “send” and didn’t hear back from them…

…until three weeks later, when I received a package in the mail – sure enough, it was an autographed copy of one of Horner’s books, personally signed for Col Thomas!

And they didn’t charge me, which was pretty nice of them, too. So kudos to Jack Horner and his MOR crew!

First Best Slogan

Over at The Awl, they’ve ranked the slogans of each state – and guess who came out on top? Darn right: Montana: The Last, Best Place!

Interestingly, our neighboring states also ranked very well:

2. Idaho—”Great Potatoes. Tasty Destinations.” You had us at “potatoes.”
5. North Dakota—”Legendary” Forget that you forgot about North Dakota. This motto is just so brazen, so forward … you can’t help but feel that now you have to know about North Dakota.
7. Wyoming—”Like No Place on Earth” Wyoming telling it like it is. Also, the second best state to never deal with people ever.

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