Miss Montana

Alexis Wineman – better known by most people as Miss Montana 2012 – visited KRTV on Tuesday – cool! She and her mom were headed back home to Cut Bank from the Miss America pageant in Las Vegas.

Krista and I watched part of the pageant on Saturday night and were so happy when Alexis won the “People’s Choice” award and landed in the top 15. During the intro, when each of the contestants told a little factoid about their state, Alexis mentioned that Montana sapphires are included in the crown jewels of England. Interestingly, we noticed that Bigfoot – aka Sasquatch – was mentioned twice in the intros – once by Miss Idaho, and once by Miss Oregon.

Once Alexis was eliminated from the contest, though…click…turn the channel.

Alexis was fun to meet today – and even though the KRTV crew is used to interviewing and dealing with “celebrities,” musicians, and politicians, etc, I think that this is the most star-struck I’ve ever seen them (me too)!

I also spent a few minutes talking with her mom, Kim – wonderful lady who is handling the whirlwind in stride, keeping tabs on the flood of messages, interview requests, etc.

When I took this picture (click for larger view), it occurred to me that my buddy Tim had a pretty good day at work 🙂

Miss Montana Alexis Wineman visits KRTV!

Alexis was also kind enough to give an extended interview, with a nice shout-out at the end to Cut Bank!

Miss Montana: DUI?

This isn’t good: Jennifer Hepner, the current Miss Montana, who hails from Great Falls and is a CMR grad, may be facing a DUI charge. The Trib article says that she pleaded not guilty to the charge, but note also this:

But Hepner, who pleaded not guilty at her initial court appearance, filed a petition in Gallatin County District Court on Feb. 4. She said the traffic stop and arrest were illegal, and the arresting officer did not follow proper procedure.

There’s no way this is going to wind up looking good: either Miss Montana was driving under the influence, or the Bozeman police may have acted improperly.

See also the previous entry on Hepner.

Miss Montana Jennifer Hepner