It was a “slam” kind of day over at Mediaite – three “slam” headlines in a row!

Media Picks

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled blog reading to bring you the following advertisement: Update

Time for more plugging on behalf of; some new features that may be of interest. And don’t forget: you can get to the KRTV Community Page by simply using Looking for something to do (besides digging a hole to the Indian Ocean)? Check out the KRTV Community Calendar. “One Class At A Time” lets local teachers submit an application for a $250 grant for their classroom. Pretty cool. Birthday coming up? Let the…

News Updates

Some of the more interesting stories over at KRTV: Great Falls teacher nabs $25,000 award: man, this is cool. The only teacher in Montana to be honored by the Milken Foundation. Wonder if there’s any $25K prizes for outstanding blogging…? Sex-offender program discussed: a delicate subject, but I added some informative links at the bottom of the article to make it more useful. Candidate profiles: I like this – candidates for Montana House & Senate.…

Southern Arterial Poll

Now that I’m getting settled in at my new job, I’m tinkering with some of the features in the online management system…I just added my first official poll at – what do you think of the proposed “southern arterial” road running south of Great Falls? Do me a solid and cast your vote…thanks! Update

Having tons o’ fun at my new job, learning how the news is “made,” and picking up newsy terms (vosotvo)! And I’ve made some progress in (hopefully) making easier to use. The software that we (stations branded as “Montana’s News Station”) use is called WorldNow Producer, and it’s…well, it’s not as intuitive and flexible as most blogging software (WordPress, etc)…but I’m learning how to work with it. From experience, and from talking with a…

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