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I love that there are soooo many vanity license plates in Montana — and, like you, often daydream about what mine would be, if I ever opted to pony up for a set myself.

Some of the plates are pretty obvious, while others can take a moment or two to “read.”

This one is pretty easy to figure out…or is it?



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Seen at 2-Js last week – BAAAAAAA!



Spotted this nifty license plate yesterday – TREKK1E. Even has a Starfleet sticker in the window!

Wonder if that person knows the owner of this car, which I saw in 2008 with license plate MKITSO1…

(For you non-Trekkies, this reads as “Make It So, Number One!” That was Captain Jean Luc-Picard’s command to his First Officer, William Riker.)

GF Plate

Just a sample plate, but my, isn’t it beautiful!

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