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Carol over at Missoulapolis has the best chuckle of the campaign, regarding the amount of media coverage and journalists and politicians criss-crossing our state in the run-up to today’s last-in-the-nation Democratic primary:

At last – at last! Montanans get the worldwide attention and buzz they’ve craved! Why, maybe the kids won’t move to Seattle after all.

Heh. Yep, it’s been interesting being the “center of the universe” for a few days here in Montana…and I suppose media coverage of our primary election is better than media coverage of a psycho bomber or militia-men. But politically, our moment in the sun is now over.

Unless Montana somehow opts for hanging chads in November, and we become the “Florida” of Election 2008.

April Fool!

Well, no one ever accused me of being convincing, or even necessarily entertaining. But I hope that my mild April Fool entry below gave you a chuckle, at least. And I hope – seriously – that I did not offend any of the unwitting “participants” in my feeble attempt at humor. GeeGuy, John Lawton, GF Girl, Mary Jolley, Firefly and Patty Rearden — I meant any comparisons purely in jest and no harm was intended.

But I’m kicking myself for not thinking first of what wolfpack suggested: it would have been rich if I had “outed” myself as the alter-ego of Larry Kralj, our friendly neighborhood Environmental Ranger!

Now, on to some other business: good news! The missing puppies have been found and reunited with their family. That makes me happy – missing pets are just heart-breaking. And Steve left a comment to let us know that Posh Taco in Holiday Village Mall is for sale – if you’ve got some spare change and want to make a go in the restaurant biz, now’s your chance!