Is there anything better than a drive out to the Highwood Bar on a Friday night for a juicy, delicious ribeye steak? I absolutely LOVE the 30-minute drive out there — rolling hills, winding road, Highwood Mountains leading the way. And the steak. OMG, the steak. I am still amazed that SO MANY people in Great Falls don’t know about and/or have never been here for Friday steak night. And although the steak is the…

Highwood Bar

Prime rib at the Highwood Bar. Damn good. Fun historical decor. Nice people. Pretty drive. If you have never been, you really should go. SO WORTH the 25 minute drive fro Great Falls. Call at least a day ahead if you plan on Friday night steak. Oh, and my wife is absolutely crazy about the hot slaw. Obsessed, even.

Lost Lake

I’ve heard of Lost Lake, and tried (sort of) once to find it during a day trip we took last Autumn to Geraldine and Square Butte. Lo and behold, here it is on YouTube. Have you ever been there? By the way – here’s a really cool page detailing some of the geology of the area.

Cowboy Wanted

During our Slab-O-Meat adventure on Friday, I spotted this sign on the door of the Highwood Bar. Which reminds me – Randy posted this chuckle on Facebook earlier today: “I think the political correctness is getting ridiculous. Today I overheard a little boy say he was going to go play a game of Cattle Management Specialists and Native Americans.”

Favorite Drive

I think that my favorite drive out of Great Falls is the one that leads to Highwood. Especially when the roads are bone-dry, but the fields and grass and mountains are blanketed with snow. And ESPECIALLY when, at the end of the drive, I’m sitting in the Highwood Bar with a huge slab o’ steak on my plate. Perfection.

Highwood Prime Rib

The annual Highwood Bar “slab-o-meat” for my birthday – the most perfect prime rib we have ever had. Absolutely amazing. More on the Highwood Bar – and Piano Jack – right here.

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