Highwood Bar

Prime rib at the Highwood Bar. Damn good. Fun historical decor. Nice people. Pretty drive. If you have never been, you really should go. SO WORTH the 25 minute drive fro Great Falls. Call at least a day ahead if you plan on Friday night steak. Oh, and my wife is absolutely crazy about the hot slaw. Obsessed, even.


If you’ve never taken the beautiful 30-minute drive from Great Falls to Highwood to enjoy a Friday night steak…you need to. Trust me. And if you happen to head out that way on a not-Friday-night, not to worry — they’ve got some kick-ass burgers, too, thanks to the new owners who are doing an AMAZING job.

ELMO’S Highwood Bar

The Highwood Bar (previously) has a new owner, a new name, and even a new menu! The sale just happened a few days ago — Dave and his wife (both retired Air Force) bought it, and are doing some mild renovation and updating. And best of all — in addition to the regular and legendary Friday Steak Night, they are now serving a few other items ALL THE TIME! So on Sunday, my wife and…

Highwood Bar: Go There.

I’ve written about the Highwood Bar a few times, and after another dinner there recently, what I said before remains true. BEST. STEAK. EVER. Here’s the deal: they only serve dinner on Friday nights, and you have to call ahead to make your reservation. Your menu choices are: steak, steak, or steak. Seriously. Each Friday night, they serve only one type: ribeye, t-bone, prime rib, etc. You get the huge, delicious slab o’meat served with…

Favorite Drive

I think that my favorite drive out of Great Falls is the one that leads to Highwood. Especially when the roads are bone-dry, but the fields and grass and mountains are blanketed with snow. And ESPECIALLY when, at the end of the drive, I’m sitting in the Highwood Bar with a huge slab o’ steak on my plate. Perfection.

Highwood Prime Rib

The annual Highwood Bar “slab-o-meat” for my birthday – the most perfect prime rib we have ever had. Absolutely amazing. More on the Highwood Bar – and Piano Jack – right here.

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