ELMO’S Highwood Bar

The Highwood Bar (previously) has a new owner, a new name, and even a new menu! The sale just happened a few days ago — Dave and his wife (both retired Air Force) bought it, and are doing some mild renovation and updating.

And best of all — in addition to the regular and legendary Friday Steak Night, they are now serving a few other items ALL THE TIME!

So on Sunday, my wife and I took the gorgeous, relaxing 30-minute drive out to Highwood and for the first time ever, ate something OTHER than steak at what is now called Elmo’s Highwood Bar. Dave said that Elmo was the name of the original owner decades ago, and he thought it would be neat to add that to the name.

Krista enjoyed a delicious tri-tip sandwich (which I sampled – mmmmm), and I had a bacon-double-cheeseburger. Folks, trust me: it was the best damn burger I’ve had in several years — juicy, flavorful, just the right size (heh), and the bacon was amazing. Think it was the best burger I’ve had since our last visit to Square Butte.

And Krista said the hot slaw was – as always – beyond delicious.

Dave talked a bit about some of the changes he’s making, and getting the bar involved in some community events, and it sounds pretty awesome. Can’t wait to head back.

SO: like ’em on Facebook, call ahead for a Friday night steak dinner, and definitely stop by for a burger on your next day-trip!

BEHOLD: the bacon-double-cheeseburger!

Spiffy new sign:

Nothing fancy – just simple and what you need:



Legendary Friday Steak Night!

A pic from a few years ago:

Highwood Bar: Go There.

I’ve written about the Highwood Bar a few times, and after another dinner there recently, what I said before remains true. BEST. STEAK. EVER.

Here’s the deal: they only serve dinner on Friday nights, and you have to call ahead to make your reservation.

Your menu choices are: steak, steak, or steak. Seriously. Each Friday night, they serve only one type: ribeye, t-bone, prime rib, etc.

You get the huge, delicious slab o’meat served with a baked potato, and your choice of hot slaw or a salad.

Here’s what their prime rib looks like:

It’s just that simple.

And the drive out there from Great Falls is one of my favorite drives – rolling hills, the Highwood Mountains, etc. Definitely worth the 30 minutes.

Highwood Bar in Highwood, Montana

The Highwood Bar

The drive to Highwood

And yes, you should Like the Highwood Bar on Facebook:

Highwood Bar is on Facebook!

That way, you will know things like this:

Sunday November 11th we will be serving an all you can eat taco buffet and offering Veterans, Active Duty Military and their family members 50% off their meals, $3.75 per person. Buffet will be available from 11 am – 5:30 pm.

Friday Nov 16th we will be offering a 15% discount for all Veterans and Active Duty Military on our Steak Dinner. The steak of the night is a Ribeye and will be served with a baked potato, bread and your choice of hot slaw or salad. Seating for Friday night dinners will be 5 pm, 7pm and 9 pm.

Highwood bar would like to thank all the men and women of the Armed Forces for their past, current and continued service. Please call to reserve your spot as we have limited seating – please reserve 24 hours in advance, sooner if possible 733-2951, thank you.

Convinced yet? Here, I’ll even include a map:

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