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GFPD Harlem Shake

CMR has done it, some folks at Western Art Week did it, a crew at UGF did it, and now member of the GFPD Honor Guard have done it – “it” being the Harlem Shake nonsense.

+10 points for having one of the K-9 pups participate (assuming it is)!

Just a hunch – but I think they might have created this video to show at the Policeman’s Ball that was held on Saturday night.

GFPD Honor Guard - Harlem Shake

CMR Shake

Sure, I understand memes – some are awesome (hello, Sweet Brown!), while others are simply baffling. An example of the latter is the “Harlem Shake” that has been making the rounds.

By now, just about every group, agency, unit, or artist has apparently done it.

Still, it’s sort of cool to see the kids at CMR trying their hand at it. BONUS: horse-head!

CMR does the Harlem Shake