Good Bye, Goode’s

This is one of the saddest things I’ve seen in a while: Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill is closing, according to the Great Falls Tribune:


Wasn’t too long ago that they opened, in that tiny little log cabin on 15th Street…it was cramped, but cozy:


And the Q Burger: oh boy. Powerful good stuff!


And I’ll REALLY miss the Haystack – once called the “Best Breakfast In Montana,” and it sure as hell is/was:


And I will definitely miss Larry Goode – one of the most awesome guys I’ve ever met. Best wishes to Larry and his brother Harold in their new Billings venture – hope to see the little log cabin flying the Goode’s banner again soon!

Good Goode’s

Been a while since we had a great dining experience at Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill, but fortunately, on Friday night, they hit it outta the park.

During our last several visits, something has always been “off” – either they were out of something, or got an order wrong, or the service just wasn’t right – but on Friday night, they rocked: excellent service, fried pickles were *perfect* (for K, not me, but I could tell just by looking at them), and most of all, the Q Burger!

Burgers I Have Loved

Friday night at Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill – the Q Burger. Two 6.5 ounce patties topped with cheese and bacon.

Q Burger!

My one beef (no pun intended) with Goode’s is the French fries – don’t like ’em. Everything else there is awesome, but the fries just don’t cut it. They’re too…crunchy? And not “potatoey” enough. Very minor quibble, though – the Q Burger is awesome enough to stand on its own!

Luck of the…Bayou?

Next time you visit Goodes’s Q & Bayou Grill – you know, to enjoy the best breakfast in Montana, or the delicious Q-Burger! – you’ll be greeted by the newest Goode’s team member! OK, so maybe he doesn’t *quite* blend in naturally with the rest of the bayou slash Louisiana slash Cajun theme, but he sure is cool. Bonus points if you know where he came from!

The NEW Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill

Fnally made it to the NEW location of Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill – and we are BEYOND amazed!

We were worried that in moving to the new location, it would lose some of its “funky” atmosphere, but what were we worried about? It’s even better now! And so much more space – the coziness of the original location, in the tiny log cabin in 15th Street, was very intimate, but admittedly a bit cramped. The new location – on 10th Avenue South at 26th Street – has plenty of space, is decorated perfectly (funky, jazzy, “Nawlins” flair), and still serves up the most amazing (and diverse) menu in town.

Of course, I had my regular – the 13-ounce Q-Burger – and it was absolutely perfect. Krista ordered the Friday special – “Nawlins BBQ Shrimp over cheesy grits” – and she was simply blown away. I’m not a big fan of shrimp – or of BBQ – but I sampled a bit, and have to admit: it was truly awesome.

AND…also learned that breakfast is now served until NOON – that means I will likely never sleep too late on a Saturday or Sunday to get a Haystack (no biggie – just the best breakfast in Montana)!

Some pix (more here):

Goode’s On The Move

One of the best eateries in town, Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill, is making a move. It’s currently located in the funky little wood cabin on 15th Street at 7th Avenue North, but sometime in the next couple of weeks, Larry & Harold and their crew will be packing up and moving to the old Shamrock on 10th Avenue South between 25th and 26th Street, in the same building as the San Remo coffee shop. Rumor has it that they will also have longer hours and also expand their menu – and if we’re REALLY lucky, they might even offer the full menu all day long, so that lovers of the Best Breakfast In Montana (me!) can get their Haystack fix even for dinner!

Here’s a pic from about three years ago, when Goode’s was getting ready to open:

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