Fire north of Skyline

The good news is that nobody was hurt, and property damage seems to have been limited to a barn and possibly an outbuilding. The bad news is that there was a fire. More good news: Great Falls Fire Rescue, Black Eagle Volunteer Fire Department, and other emergency personnel did an amazing job, as always. It was a bit scary in the first few minutes, coming nearly one year after last year’s huge (6,000 acre) “Vineyard…

Grass Fire

Came across a small grass fire along River Drive on Thursday evening; one fire truck, three firefighters – they jumped right into action, beating at the small flames with shovels and then breaking out hoses. Kudos to Great Falls Fire Rescue!

Riverview Fire

Just around the corner from my house – on Riverview Drive – drove up, talked with battallion chief who said that there were no injuries. Kudos – as always – to our firefighters! One nice touch: looked like a homeowner across the street had set out a tray of coffee and cups for the fire crews. Click the pic for more info.

Car Fire

Two car fires within minutes of each this morning in Great Falls…details here, including video.

Another Downtown Fire

Breaking news: A fire reported at about 8 pm on Sunday night has caused the evacuation of the Quality Inn hotel in downtown Great Falls. At least four fire trucks and numerous police vehicles are at the scene, located at the intersection of Central Avenue and 3rd Street. Downtown roads are blocked off for at least one block in all directions around the scene. There is smoke coming from at least one of the buildings,…

Pizza Pizza

A fire at Godfather’s Pizza in Great Falls…on the very same day that Little Caesars Pizza opens up for business? Hmmm… I kid, I kid. But I am pretty excited about Little Caesars…probably will be on the menu this evening!

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