Primary Election

Kudos to the MT Secretary of State’s office for their pretty awesome election night web interface…of course, the numbers weren’t updated as quickly as I would have liked – I want results NOW! – but it’s amazingly comprehensive and exportable.

Here’s the KRTV summary of local/regional election results.

Congrats to candidate Bob Edwards for his win – he’ll face off against Glen Stinar in November to become the new sheriff. Edwards sure seemed to have the support of the Facebook crowd – whenever I posted an election update mentioning Edwards, there were many comments praising him.

And congrats to Travis Kavulla, who – barring some wild reversal in the results – is going to be on the November ballot as the Republican PSC candidate.

Election Results: Winters Wins

The results are in: Mike Winters is Mayor-elect, and will be joined by Fred Burow and Bob Jones on the City Commission. Wasn’t even close – 58% to 40%. And remember Travis’ post about an anti-incumbent sentiment? Yep – incumbent commissioner Rosenbaum came in dead-last.

Here’s the unofficial results, as reported at KRTV:

– Bill Bronson: 5,759 (40%)
– Mike Winters: 8,430 (58%)

City Commission
– Fred Burow: 7,629 (26%)
– Bob Jones: 7,256 (25%)
– John Rosenbaum: 5,442 (19%)
– Donna Zook: 6,805 (24%)

Election ’09 Update

Election Day for Great Falls is almost here! We’re going to have a new Mayor – either Bill Bronson or Mike Winters. And we’ll get two new members of City Commission, from a field of four candidates: Fred Burow, Bob Jones, John Rosenbaum, and Donna Zook. Check out some videos of the candidates over at KRTV.

I’m partial to non-incumbents – and that extends not just to municipal elections, but ALL elections. See related post by Travis over at ECW. I don’t think ANY incumbent should feel safe in 2010, in fact.

And speaking of our election, Sandra notes some interesting disconnects in today’s Tribune – including a trip in the Wayback Machine to 2007!

City Commission Candidates Debate

The Neighborhood Councils are sponsoring a debate TONIGHT at 7:00 p.m. in the Gibson Room at the Civic Center. City Commission candidates Fred Burow, Donna Zook, John Rosenbaum, and Bob Jones will all be there. If you want to get to know the candidates and see where they stand on the issues, come on down! If you can’t make it, check out these candidate interviews.

Candidate Interviews

A visitor left a comment on an election-related entry from 2007, wondering which of our current crop of candidates are “animal-friendly.” Over at, there are video interviews with all of the candidates for Mayor and City Commission. Don’t know if any of them specifically addressed animal welfare. The Tribune also has an election section, but nothing specifically about animals that I noticed.

Would love some feedback, though – any animal/pet-lovers have insight into where the candidates stand on animal-related issues? Or better yet – any candidates want to leave a comment (or post a guest-entry) about their thoughts on such issues?

Candidate Forum

The candidates for the Mayoral and City Commission posts met for a forum on Wednesday night, and although I couldn’t attend, I’m sure glad that Travis did! He provided an outstanding summary of the event over at Electric City Weblog, and included some observations that had me chuckling (or almost weeping). You know the drill: read the whole thing.

If you want to hear directly from the candidates, we’ve got full, unedited interviews with all of them posted over at The interviews for the 12 candidates range from semi-brief (under 5 minutes for Jones) to lengthy (nearly 15 minutes for Witsoe!). Some of the interviews are…um…well, I suppose “entertaining” might be the word. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one(s).

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